Overmix is a consumer-centric app that provides value due to its ubiquity with and engagement with consumers, which in turn builds up a valuable distribution channel to consumers.

Overmix is a social media scheduler that allows users to both schedule and post across multiple social media platforms. The more of the social strategy you put on automation, the more time you have to connect with your followers in real-time. You can suggest your preferred social media, add it to your account, and make posts. You can schedule posts to go out at times most convenient to you.

OverMix also provides ready hashtags for your posts. From here you can see the impact of your followers. Also all your posts you can find in the Library. OverMix gives you the easiest way to publish your posts to all your social media channels from one place at the same time, sharing it directly to your other favourite social networks, so it can be discovered by a community of millions of creatives from around the world.

Overmix is a comprehensive app that provides everything you need to make awesome and mixed posts by connecting and customizing social media.

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