UI/UX Design

We believe that the key to success rests upon your trust. 

Considering ourselves as well experienced web developing company X-Soft uses the best practices and techniques including  all the latest technology tools, strategies and gets solutions that are both prospective to use and aimed to match with our clients’ needs.

Our experienced designers can create digital solutions that are purposeful and enjoyable not only for experts but also for every social group. Our users are our first priority and our minimum goal is our clients’ satisfaction. X-Soft focuses on what’s really important for both sides and will make sure that all requested features are achieved and satisfying.  With possible features and user tasks in plans, we create sitemaps to illustrate a high-level quality and navigation structure for the new or redesigned application.

Along with the content modelling, we develop wireframes to visualize and structure the architectural model of the site, describing what is performed on the site, and how content is organised and pasted. Using wireframes and other tools we try to illustrate high-level design features.

We help brands understand the role of digital art in realizing strategic opportunities and solving real world business problems, always keeping the focus on the customer’s satisfaction and qualified results.

We always ensure that in the end each of our clients is satisfied with our design considerations, range of design services offerings from UX research to interaction design.