Shared Hosting


Hosting for a website is a service that gives the user an opportunity to rent the necessary resources on a server and place the website, web application or other online content on them. Together with X-Soft you can get virtual hosting for your website, which guarantees its fluent operation. 

Choosing a reliable host is important because hosting is the basis for creating websites and launching online projects.

The type of hosting that suits you is an individual task and is usually solved by formulating your tasks to the provider and receiving information from him about how he can solve them. However, there’s a need to understand clearly the correspondence of the main types of hosting to your needs. Unlike free services, quality paid web hosting guarantees quick access to pages for a large number of visitors without unnecessary advertising.

X-Soft takes care of every client. We offer shared web-hosting with competitive prices and a wide range of opportunities.We ensure high speed and stability of your sites through the use of the most modern equipment and software systems. Whether you are going to create a website with a personal portfolio or planning to launch an entire online store, we will surely find a suitable hosting option.