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Before talk about Business Software or what is the Importance of them for an Organization or how much the software can grow up the Business let’s define what is the software and how they looks like.

Daily we using software that helps us perform tasks and increase our efficiency. They are giving us much performance in our life. Software can automate our daily job, make us happy, calculate how many calories did we burn, they can be informative, they can be funny, they can make decisions instead of us. Each one of these different types of software helps us perform our day to day tasks either directly or indirectly.

In article you will understand what is software and how they are importance for business, how they can open much auditory, or automate difficult ton of manual jobs.

Different Types Of Software And How To Group Them?

Before everything let’s define what is the Software? Computer Software or Software is a program which is not visible and provides data, instructions to execute user commands. Software is a collection of data instructions that tell the computer how to work.

Software have different types and we can grouping them by below diagram. The most first step is divided in Major two types.

The two major types of computer software are:

  • Application Software
  • System Software

Whereas, two other types of computer software are:

  • Programming Software
  • Driver Software
Software Major Types

Application Software

Application Software or applications are what you use the most. This type include end user programs which are helping in your daily tasks and giving you more productiveness. Here are listed some of applications which you are familiar already:

  • Internet Browser: It is application software to open Web Sites like
  • Photoshop: It is a photo editing application software by Adobe. You can use edit, crop and make lot of customization with your pictures.
  • Skype: It is an online communication app that you can use for video chat, voice calling and instant messaging.

System Software

Application Software without System Software can’t be work, because there will not be any place to run them. System Software helps hardware and application software to interact together. This is why sometimes system software called as Low Level Software. The most better example from system software is operating systems. Let’s list them below:

Operating Systems For desktop computers:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac (for Apple devices)
  • Linux

Operating System For smartphones:

  • Apple’s iOS
  • Google’s Android
  • Windows Phone OS

Programming Software

Programming software is the type of software that us not made for end users. They are programming languages with which one developers creating Application Software. Let’s list some of them again:

  • Java
  • PHP
  • Python
  • C++
  • C#

Driver Software

Driver software is often considered as System Software. They are very important and mostly used to connect hardware and System Software work together. Driver software are for translation the code between hardware and operating system. Let’s list some of driver software which are helping us every day

  • Printer Driver
  • Wifi Driver
  • Keyboard Driver

Usually Software can divided in Five Additional Different Types

These are:

  • Freeware – Software that is available to use for free.
  • Shareware – Software that is available for free for limited period of time. That are the programs which are in “trial period”.
  • Open Source Software – Software with open source code which is accessible to public and they can modified, shared with anyone in the network.
  • Closed Source Software – Software which are not open for free to programmers, they are open to they authors only.
  • Utility Software – Software sometimes considered as System Software as they need to optimize performance of hardware, application software installed on your device.

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