UI Design

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Today’s fast developing society demands more successful web and mobile applications, mainly those that respond quickly and efficiently.

The UI is opened as a “user interface”. It’s not concentrated just on graphics but also on tactiles, voice and sound. UI design includes working on the graphical part of the interface: animation, illustrations, buttons, menus, sliders, photos and fonts.

Our designers  determine the color palette and the location of objects in the interface, e.g whether it is convenient to click “Buy”or “Read more”, or are the all sections in menu working correctly, is it easy to fill out a form or  is the text readable from a smartphone, what message does the site give out for a particular action and so on. 

X-Soft is here to make your website look amazing and easy to use. With the help of designers we can render a working prototype, draw buttons, icons, forms and other components and assemble them into a harmonious working layout. All we need is to maintain consistency for all sections of the site or application. Interface elements – menus and sliders – should behave the same on any page.

Our main task is to help our clients quickly and without stress and to understand how to use a product: a website, an application, a program, a payment terminal, a microwave oven or a TV remote and so on. For this, the designer makes sure that the interface meets the basic requirements.

In addition to visual appeal, a good interface saves the user time and delivers it to the desired point with minimal effort.