Why do I need UI/UX design for my website?

You may definitely ask yourself what is that UX design and what skills I need to master to get higher rates for my website. UI/UX design has conquered the world for a long time and continues to gain incredible popularity. Well, what does this term actually mean? Grocery companies and digital agencies have figured out why ui/ux design is the key to product of development. Let’s figure it out.

UI/UX stands for user experience. In general meaning, this concept includes the entire experience that a user receives while interacting with a website, application or technical support company. UI/UX design is for interfaces based on research according to user’s experience and behavior. So this is the engineering work of user experience characteristics. UX, UI and Graphic designs are the most important points in creating strong website. Let’s discover them.

User experience (UX) is interaction of a user with a product or service. Ux is about how a website or application works and solves user’s problem. Using ux is giving us beautiful and easy to use appearance. Ux is about the experience of working with the interface. Ux is everything that happens to the user while they travel from point A to point B.

UI is opened as “user interface”. UI is not only about a graphical interface, but also about: tactile, voice or sound. UI design is the process of translating user experience into visual elements, which was developed based on user experience and target audience research.

An interface designer (UI designer) is versed in programming, interface design and branding. It is the UI designer who works through the entire interactive of digital products: drop-down menus, form fields, interactive elements, animation and button styles.

Graphic design is closest to what most people expect when they hear the term “design”. Graphic designers focus on the aesthetics of products such as print formats and packaging. These include posters, brochures, invitations and business cards, as well as web design resources such as logos and icons.

It’s kind of a process when designers make the usage of a particular product as easy, smooth, enjoyable and effective as possible. Doing this demands closely studying the processes of working with clients in the field, learning analytical data, find points for analyzing user experience. The ultimate goal of UI/UX design is to provide the user with an intuitive, effective, and relevant experience.

UI/UX design is primarily focused on deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their capabilities and limitations. All this is needed to present the best solution, taking into account the business goals and objectives of the company.

Big brands are already directly claiming that UI/UX is what drives their bottom line. Many high-tech companies are now at the height of their UI/UX investment because they see a result in putting the user first.

Basically UI/UX is based on 7 principles outlined by Peter Morville, a pioneer in user experience and information architecture.

In the process of creating an application usualy there are three people working in a team: UX designer, UI designer and Graphic designer. Each of them has different roles in product design. It also happens that all three roles are played by one specialist. UX designer researches the audience and suggests ways to improve processes; graphic designer or brand designer will work on the branding of the application.

The user interface designer (UI designer) will work with all touch points with the application: carve buttons, transitions between screens, dropdowns and make the user interface pleasant. A graphic designer or brand designer will work on the branding of the application – create unique graphics that will convey the identity of the product, it can be anything from a logo to colors, types of fonts, illustrations, etc

As far as we understood we can make a conclusion that all the UX, UI and Graphic design types are too important if you want to promote your website and develop your business.